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2nd Class: Agri-Aware Worksheets from Task 1-5

In second class our teacher, Rona Coghlan, made up a booklet for each of us. The booklet contains lots of fantastic worksheets downloaded from the Agri-Aware program. Today 10 of us volunteered to have our worksheets from our booklets photographed and published as part of our Agri Aware project application.

Discuss fruits and vegetables that can be grown in Ireland in our temperate climates. Draw and label these on our map of Ireland.

Happy Teeth: Join the happy teeth to the food they like.

We discussed foods which are good for our teeth. We also discussed care of your teeth.

Sheet: Fill in your lunchbox with your favourite fruit and vegetables.

We discussed what our favourite fruit and vegetables are. We talked about which countries these fruit and vegetables would grow in.

Sheet: Cooking Verbs: we matched the cooking verbs to the pictures. We have a language lesson in English where we learned to read recipes and follow the instructions so we were able to fill in the verbs after this lesson.

Sheet: Draw a picture of your family's favourite meal on the dinner plate. Identify which food groups these meals are from.

We discussed the different types of food we enjoy eating. We categorised the food into the different food groups after we had finished learning about food groups.

Sheet: identify all the different fruits and vegetables on the page.

Sheet: fruit or vegetables. We learned that generally fruit contains seeds and vegetables do not. We put them into different groups, fruit and vegetables.

Sheet: measuring Maths: read the amount of water in each jug.

Sheet: Kitchen Utensils: name each utensil which is used in the kitchen for cooking.

Crack the code to find the names of fruit and vegetables.

Crack the code to find the names of fruit and vegetables.

Sheet: Help Saoirse Strawberry unscramble these words.

Sheet: Word search these Agri Aware program words.

We learned about the famine in Ireland. We learned that people were able to eat because the potatoes could grow lots of food in a small space. It was a cheap crop to grow. Then blight came to Ireland and all the potatoes died. The people had nothing to eat so they became very hungry. This was part of the reason why the famine happened in Ireland.

Fill in the food origin blanks.

Word search: find words related to fruit and vegetables.

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