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Task 3: 2nd Class: Dig In Activity sheet Air and Trees. Module 2

We used the DIG IN program in our classroom. There were lots of different interesting lessons to try. In this lesson we learned about the importance of trees. We discovered that the trees leaves take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. We are very happy that we have lots of trees in our school grounds.

We thought about food chains.

We learned what a herbivore, carnivore and omnivore are.

We filled in the DIG In worksheet that went with the lesson.

We match the words to the pictures to show what type of eater each one was.

Sheep only eat grass and leaves.

Foxes only eat meat.

Humans like to eat meat and plants.

Each animals has different teeth depending on what type of food they eat.

Carnivores have sharp pointed teeth. Herbivores have large flat teeth. Omnivores like us humans, have a mixture of sharp pointed teeth and large flat teeth. This means we can eat lots of different sources of food.

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