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2nd Class: Task 5- Fruity Friday Party for Healthy Eating Week

As part of Healthy Eating Week we had a Fruity Friday Party. Every class brought in their own fruit to share with their friends. We all had extra breaktime so that we could party in style!

Fruit skewers for lots of different fruit tastes!

Delighted to be eating some yummy mango.

Lunch box out ready to eat my fruit.

Opening the watermelon.

Melons are delicious.

A box full of fruit for our fruity Friday.

Fruity Friday Party.

More fruit and vegetables than a grocery shop.

Biting into broccoli - getting ready for our party.

Speechless with excitement.

A happy pupil about to have a pear.

Seriously great lunch time.

A box of fruity treats.

What to eat next?

Look what I have!

My organised lunchbox.

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