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Task 3 2nd Class: The Life Cycle Of The Bee - biodiversity

Bees begin their lives as eggs.

The eggs are carefully minded by the bees.

They grow into pupa.

The pupa grows into a larvae.

The larvae turns into an adult bee.

The adults run the hive. The Queen bee lays all the eggs for the hive.

The worker bees feed the Queen and take care of her. They carry away the eggs when she lays them.

Other worker bees fly out of the hive to find food. They pollinate flowers and crops as they fly from flower to flower.

This means that the flowers are pollinated and then they grow fruit. We eat lots of these fruit.

We really enjoyed learning about the life cycle of the bee. Next time we see a hive we will know what is happening inside. The bees are like a school because they are all working together.

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