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Task 3: 2nd Class: Sustainability: Water Barrel Collecting Rain Water To Water Our Garden

Sustainability: • The earth provides us with fresh air, clean water and food. To protect the earth for future generations, we must take care of it. While you may think that your individual impact on the environment makes no difference, it is important to imagine that if everyone changed one small habit, the global impact would be enormous!

• We use an old barrel to collect water from the roof. Then we use this water to water our garden. This saves clean water so that we will have plenty of fresh drinking water in the future.

The water comes from the roof. It runs down the eaves-shoot and into the water barrel.

The water barrel is very full after all the rain that has fallen this winter and spring.

We turn the tap on the bottom of the barrel to fill our watering cans. This keeps our school uniform from being splashed as we fill our watering cans.

We save lots of water by using our rainwater.

We think this is a great idea for sustainability.

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