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5th Class School Tour to Fota, Cobh Cathedral and Titanic Experience!

On Thursday 23rd June, 5th Class students went on their long-awaited school tour to Fota and Cobh. We had a glorious day with the sun shining as soon as we arrived at Fota, and staying out for the rest of the day.

For many of the students, it was a new experience travelling on the train! We arrived at Kent station in good time to catch the 10 o’clock train to Fota Wildlife Park, where we had two hours to spend seeing all the wonderful birds, animals and reptiles.

After eating our lunch under the trees, we headed back to the train platform to catch the train to Cobh. On our way we saw some wonderful sights, such as the Irish Navy Vessel sailing alongside us.

When we arrived in Cobh, half of the class went straight into the Titanic Experience, and half took the short, but steep, stroll up the hill to Cobh Cathedral. There we were treated to the stunning sight of the suspended, spinning globe, being exhibited for only a short time in the cathedral. It was an amazing glimpse of what Earth looks like when viewed from space.

The Titanic Experience also went down a hit. We had a guided tour of the exhibition, and learnt all about some of the passengers who boarded the Titanic from Cobh. Each student got a ticket at the start, which gave the name of a real passenger from Cobh who sailed on the Titanic. We learnt all about what it was like to be on board the ship, and visited recreated cabins from the Titanic. We then heard about how the Titanic sank, and discovered at the end whether or not the passenger on our ticket survived the tragedy. It was a fascinating learning experience!

Tired, but happy, we headed home from sunny Cobh on the train, before getting back on the bus in Cork. 5th Class students were fantastic today, and we all had a brilliant day out together in the sun, seeing and learning lots!

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