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5th Class VEX Project Underway!

5th class have made a fantastic start to the VEX project this year.

Our class is split up into six teams, who are each constructing and modifying their own robot to meet this year's challenge. See below some photos of their progress to date!

Of course, the project is so much more than simply building robots: each team must also learn how to use VEXcode programming software. These programs will enable the robots to operate autonomously on the game arena. It's a big learning process, and most of the students tasked with programming the robots have had no prior experience. A wonderful opportunity to learn an exciting new skill!

Here is a picture of builders, programmers and engineering log book recorders all working together. Different tasks, but one goal! As you can see, the students are gaining valuable opportunities to develop teamwork and collaboration skills.

We also moved the giant VEX arena into our classroom the other day - and it actually fit! A construction team has already been busily working on putting together the game elements from this year's game, so that the robot builders can test their robot prototypes on the actual game arena. This will heavily inform the design and modification process. Here is the team hard at work:

The students in 5th Class have already shown huge interest, creativity and diligence in the project to date - we are very excited to see their designs become reality in time for our in-school VEX Finals this December!

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