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6th Class Presentations

6th class were presented with their JEP achievement certificates today at their graduation ceremony. In addition: Emma O'Donoghue, Alan Grajewski and Orianna Wood received Excellent Attendance awards.

Other awards: Sebastian Carroll - Rubik’s Master

Emily Cullinane - Proactive Student

Rosa Fragolini - Courtesy

Sadbh Glavin - Art

Matthew Hamilton-Foott - Mathematician

Killian Keating Piper - Improved Progress

Orlaith Kilkelly - Friendship

Paul Kingston - Enthusiasm

Lucy Langford - Thoughtfulness

Cian Laughlin-McCann - Fairplay

Nicole Lloyd - Athleticism

Julianne Murray - Creativity

Emma O’Donoghue - Excellent Effort

Leja Valinskaite - Best Listener

Tadhg Van Bergen Ross - Diligence

Orianna Wood - JEP Performance

Elin Beecher - Gaeilge

Alexis Boazman - Discussion Skills

Honor Cave - Leadership

Alan Grajewski - Honesty

Szymon Michalczewski - Chess Champion

Wolfie Tyndale - Creative Writing

Dominik Vesely - Participation

Ellen Wilson - Organisational Skills

Lily Crowley - Reading

Bartolomej Mitras - Consistent Work

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