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Task 1:(activity 6) Visit from a local grower (potatoes)

Sinéad and her husband farm locally . Sinéad came in to show our class what the life cycle of her potato crop looks like. They also have a diary farm and she explained about the different products that are produced from the milk their farm produces.

Sinéad talking about growing potatoes and diary farming.

Sinéad showing how she planted potatoes last week using a photo.

Liam and Ross planting potatoes last week at Sinéad's family farm

Harry looking at a photo of seed potatoes brought in by Sinéad

Sinéad's seed potatoes

Saoirse admiring one of Sinéad's calves

Elio looking at a photo of one of Sinéad's cows.

A photo of ploughed ground as Sinéad prepared her farm for planting.

A picture of newly dug potatoes.

Drills ready for planting potatoes.

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