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3rd class: Heritage for schools workshop

On Wednesday the 22nd of September the children in 3rd class took part in a very enjoyable workshop which was run by "Heritage for Schools".

First the children learned how to perform a rain dance, to encourage rain to fall on the land so that the crops will grow. We really thought it had worked when a few drops of rain fell from the sky but we didn't manage to get a full shower of rain, so maybe we need to keep practising.

Next the children chose their own seeds and placed them inside clay seed bombs. In the spring time we will smash the seed bombs and allow the seeds to settle on the grass in the hope that they will grow and bloom into beautiful flowers.

We chose our own seeds.

Then we put them inside clay to make seed bombs.

Finally we walked around the yard and identified some of the trees in our school grounds. We were delighted to find beech trees, ivy, hazel, holly, horse chestnut and willow growing in Bandonbridge.

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