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House of Circuits - 5th Class Lifetime Lab Workshop

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Today, 5th Class took part in a fascinating Lifetime Lab investigative workshop entitled ‘House of Circuits’.

The aim of the workshop was to investigate how to make an electrical circuit and explore different types of circuits. The students' first task was to find out how to light the bulb.

Then they needed to fit the bulb into their house, so as to light up the sitting room. All the 5th class students were very quick to find the solution and create an excellent series circuit.

Una, the Lifetime Lab facilitator, was teaching us over Zoom and instructing us how to use the materials that had been provided beforehand. The students paid excellent attention as she explained each challenge in turn.

Next, Una asked them to make the motor work using a series circuit and fit it into the house as a fan!

After that we explored conductors and insulators. We learned that conductors are materials that allow electricity to flow through them, while insulators do not. The students were given 6 different materials to test, and discovered that metals conduct, while plastic and wood do not.

The students then explored how switches work, in breaking the circuit and reconnecting it. Finally, they were given the challenge of creating a parallel circuit, in which both the motor and the light bulb would work simultaneously.

We had an absolute blast learning about electrical circuits today, and many thanks to the parents of 5th class students who funded this fascinating workshop. We learnt so much about electricity!

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