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Multicultural Day this Wednesday 15th March!

Calling all parents and students in the BBNS school community! Something exciting is coming up this Wednesday....

We are excited to celebrate the amazing cultural diversity in our school community on Wednesday the 15th of March. We want to take time out to learn about the different traditions, practices and food specific to each of our different cultures. This event cannot happen without your input and support as parents. Please consider helping in one of the following ways:

1. Can you bake something for our 'Tastes of the World Food Hall'? The idea is to expose students to different foods from around the world on Multicultural Day. We would appreciate baked foods that do not need to be heated. We would ask for all items to be meat free and nut free, with any allergens such as lactose or gluten outlined.

2. Can you help your child learn about your family's culture? They will likely be completing some sort of a report or mini-project on this culture, and presenting it to the rest of the class on Multicultural Day.

3. Would you be able to make a presentation to your child's class on a certain aspect of interest to do with your family's culture? This could be to do with music, dance, dress or anything else.

4. Can you help your child to dress in the colours of your home country, or in traditional dress, on Multicultural Day?

With your help, we hope that Multicultural Day will be an enjoyable celebration of the rich diversity of culture in our school!

Looking forward to next Wednesday!

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