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Scarecrow competition Leap 2021 – 4th Class Bandonbridge N.S.

This year 4th class entered the scarecrow competition in Leap. We watched a video on how to make a scarecrow. We thought it would be easy to do so we gave it a go. We were very excited to make the scarecrows. Each group built their one. We brought in different materials for building our scarecrows. Some people brought in clothes, some brought in shoes, some straw and others bamboo. We had a lot of materials to work with. We could not wait to get started.

Rohan built his own boat out of a blue barrel.

George and his granddad Fran used old skirting boards and metal rods to create a scarecrow with hinged arms. We named him Steve. In school we dressed Steve and filled him with straw.

Matthew had an idea. He wanted to make a scarecrow which looked like it went overboard from Rohan’s boat. Matthew and his Dad, Ivan, built the legs using spare timber which they had at home. We named this scarecrow Bob.

Meanwhile Luca and Kayla wanted to make a fish for the fishing line. We named him Jeff.

Anneka arrived into school with a white tyvex suit and her group had an idea to create a mad scientist. We called him Neil White. The mad scientist is looking for a radioactive fish (Jeff).

Julia’s group had an idea of a girl catching butterflies. Her name is Ellie. We made sure she was wearing a hi-vis vest as we learnt about Road safety last week.

The whole class were able to work on the scarecrows outside. It was a lot of fun making them. There was straw everywhere. It was a little harder than we expected. The biggest challenge was keeping them supported. It was hard to stuff them as well as we needed lots of straw. We really enjoyed dressing them and creating the faces. All the kids in the class worked together on this project.

Sunday October 17th we put up our scarecrows in position in Leap Village. It was the first day of the competition and there were lots of people there.

We needed a horsebox to bring the scarecrows and straw to Leap. Clodagh’s Dad William helped us with that. A group of us met in Leap and put our heads together.

Our message is to remember your lifejacket when in a boat or a kayak and always wear a hi vis vest when walking. We recently had a Road Safety Webinar and we learnt about the importance of safety.

We were delighted to be awarded 2nd place in the Schools Category.

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