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Task 4: Eating Healthy Irish Food

Updated: Apr 21

We love to eat healthy fruit and vegetables and food. We try to buy Irish food because it does not have to travel as far to get to the supermarket. We have taken photos of us eating healthy food and fruit at home. We hope you enjoy looking at the different foods we eat!

Enjoying a healthy plate of local sourced Irish food.

Ross had a lovely plate of potatoes, meat and vegetables. He grows potatoes at home.

Andreea enjoys eating local Irish apples when they are available. During the winter some of her apples come from other countries where it is hot enough to grow apples during winter.

He is enjoying eating his healthy apple!

This yummy mango looks like a hedgehog. We imported it because it is too cold for it to grow in Ireland during the winter.

She is enjoying some lovely Irish chicken for her meal.

He is having a lovely pasta dish with pasta and Irish meat and vegetables.

Olivia had lots of vegetables and chicken and potatoes for her dinner.

She is all smiles eating her yummy fruit.

The more fruit, the happier she is!

A healthy plate of snacks ready to eat.

Can't wait to eat this!

A nice salad on the side.

Stirring an omelette.

Cutting potatoes for dinner.

Peeling potatoes.

Healthy Eating Buddies.

Preparing potatoes.

Slicing carrots.

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