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VEX Carnival Day

On Friday 10th September, 5th Class invited each class in Bandonbridge to attend their fun Carnival Day in aid of this year's VEX project.

In the week leading up to the event, 5th Class students were busily planning carnival games and activities that would make it a fun day for everyone.

The students worked very hard to design posters for their stalls, and created a fantastic carnival atmosphere with music, games, challenges and even popcorn!

Carnival tickets were available to purchase at the gate for 50c each, and each game cost one ticket to play. From horse racing to welly throwing, and from corn toss to mini-golf, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, there were plenty of rewards up for grabs too, including trophies, free tickets and, most importantly, homework passes!

A big thanks to all the students, parents and teachers of Bandonbridge who supported our Carnival Day. We raised an amazing €800 which helped us purchase a new Robot Arena. This means that more and more students in Bandonbridge will get the opportunity to design, build and program robots. Everyone is truly a winner!

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