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VEX In-School Finals 6th Jan 2023

Updated: Jan 11

On the 6th January, 5th Class hosted their very own in-school BBNS VEX Finals. It was an exciting culmination of months of hard work on the VEX project in class. Read on to find out more!

Six different teams competed in the finals, the results of which decided which team and robot would represent the whole class at the upcoming VEX Regional Finals in MTU, Bishopstown.

Every team did remarkably well at building, programming and designing their robot. In the end 'Team Bulldozer' came out tops in both programming and driving skills, and the whole class will get behind their robot for the Regional Finals. Here is a picture of the happy team afterwards with their winning robot!


1. Design Award

2. Robot Driving Skills Award

3. Programming Award

4. Teamwork Challenge Award

5. STEM Project Award

6. Excellence Award

These awards will be presented to the different teams at our awards ceremony on Monday 9th January. This is to celebrate the fabulous effort and dedication of each students who took part in the project to date.

Have a look at some of the photos of our In-school finals!

The most exciting point of the day was the Teamwork Champion Final. We invited 6th Class to come and watch. Everybody cheered on the two winning teams, Team Choppers and Team Bulldozer. Have a look at the video below to see how the final played out..

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