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What is the Incredible Inedible Project?

Updated: May 13, 2022

Incredible Edibles is a curriculum linked healthy eating and growing initiative for primary school students. It encourages pupils to get busy sowing, growing, cooking and eating fruit, vegetables and herbs through a hands-on and engaging learning experience.

The aims of the project are simple:

Educate students about growing fruit and vegetables.

Increase awareness of food origin, identifying and supporting Irish grown produce, while looking after the environment.

Highlight the importance of consuming 5-7 fruit and vegetables daily for a healthy balanced diet.

We look forward to completing our tasks and learning lots more about Irish grown produce .

What is involved:

Task 1 Learn about food origin.

Task 2 Identify Irish fruit and veg when shopping

Task 3 Planting and growing the incredible edibles from the grow box as well as our own plants..

Task 4 Preparation and cooking at home

Task 5 Incredible Edible Healthy eating week.(May 9th – 13th)Recording consumption of potato, veg, fruit, herbs with the aim of eating 7 portions a day throughout the week.

Second Class sitting around a raised bed in our school garden.

Second Class celebrating being part of The Incredible Edible program, which promotes healthy eating. It also teaches us about the path from field to fork.

As part of the project we planted different seeds and bulbs. We are lucky to have a lovely raised bed garden to plant our seedlings into.

A lovely sunny day in our school garden.

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