Church of Ireland

United Dioceses of Cork Cloyne and Ross


Bandonbridge National School

Ethos Statement of Bandonbridge National School                         Roll number: 18431D

Bandonbridge National School is a Church of Ireland National School under the patronage of the Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.


Bandon Union of Parishes is served by the school. Bandonbridge National School evolved on its present site in 1960 – it was formed by the amalgamation of a number of schools: Brinny, Innishannon, Ballymodan Boys’ and Ballymodan Girls’ National Schools and consequently is a co-educational school.


Bandonbridge N.S. is a school which, in accordance with the Education (Admissions to Schools) Act 2018 serves, in the first instance, those of a ‘minority religion’.

The other churches and communities served by the school have included: Church of Ireland Moviddy Union of Parishes, neighbouring Church of Ireland parishes, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Pentecostal, Plymouth Brethren and those belonging to various Christian fellowship and house Churches. The school community reflects an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for religious differences. We work towards the spirit of ecumenism, inclusion and diversity as represented in local community life.


The school is a community where all pupils are respected – irrespective of sex, social background, family circumstances, educational achievement, physical characteristics or intellectual functioning. Pupils experience a sense of caring and belonging, they are treated fairly, and their spiritual, moral and religious development is encouraged, as is their intellectual, social and academic development.


The school is part of the local church community and has strong links with Bandon Union of Parishes. This, for example, is shown by the fact that pupils attend special school services in St. Peter’s Church and the rector visits the school and conducts assemblies on a regular basis. We aspire to be a community where moral values such as honesty, truthfulness, justice, fairness, sensitivity to others and civic and national responsibility are nurtured and protected. It is a goal of the school to prepare its pupils to be responsible and active citizens of Ireland and of Europe.


Gospel values permeate the daily life of the school through mutual respect, a sense of caring and belonging. The justification of these qualities is based on Biblical teaching interpreted by the church.


The school gives an important position to religious education in the school curriculum which nurtures faith in its pupils. The school fosters freedom of thought and an individual relationship with God.


The school’s admissions policy is devised in accordance with the law including, the Education Act 1998, the Education (Welfare) Act 2000, and the Equal Status Act 2000 as amended by the Education (Admissions to Schools) Act 2018.


Religious Education, including Biblical studies, is at the core of the school curriculum and is based on the “Follow Me” programme provided by the Church of Ireland Board of Education. A separate leaflet is available with more information regarding the programme and information is also available on


The school enjoys a positive working relationship with parents. There is an active, supportive PA which contributes hugely to the life and running of the school.


The staff members are encouraged and facilitated, where possible, in any further professional development opportunities that arise. (e.g. PDST/NCSE courses, external facilitators at CP meetings, Summer Courses etc.)


The Code of Behaviour centres on the value of respect for yourself and for others.


Inclusion and participation of minority groups are an important part of school life. For example, the school holds an Intercultural Day, a day where all cultures in the community are celebrated.


The school values all children equally, including children of other religious groups. The children are encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge with their classmates.


The school crest was designed by a former pupil. It reflects the school name and the historical name of the town


Bandonbridge National School is proud of the holistic, nurturing environment provided to all children in its care. We strive for all pupils to feel protected and cherished while supporting them in their endeavours to reach their potential.


We invite all who are interested to be part of our school community and to share in its values and ethos.