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We are delighted to be working towards our third Active School Flag (ASF) in Bandonbridge N.S. This means we are trying to increase our activity both in and out of school. We want to give the children in our school as many opportunities to engage in physical activity as possible, giving them the fundamental movement skills that they need to move well, and providing them with frequent opportunities to enjoy being physically active.
Go raibh míle maith agaibh for all your help and support so far!

Active Flag Committee


As part of our Active flag we have set up an Active Flag Committee. Here are the elected representatives from each class for the 2022/2023 school year:
1 st Class: Joshua and Saoirse
2 nd Class: William and Liadh
3 rd Class: Ryan and Amelia
4 th Class: Lia and Emma
5 th Class: Anastasia and Rohan
6 th Class: Cara and Max

The Active Flag Committee helped to think up some excellent active ideas for Active School Week, and they handed out questionnaires to the pupils and parents of their classes. They then collected the questionnaires, and the data they collected was very helpful in organising Active School Week. They also handed out the "what club are you in?" survey. We were amazed at all the different clubs
and organisations represented within the school, from gymnastics to jiujitsu, and hockey to hurling.
The committee spoke to their classes about different active initiatives, such as ‘Run Around Ireland’ and the ‘Daily Mile’ challenge. They were able to encourage their teachers and classmates to get
involved in these running initiatives, which is having a big impact on each class’s activity levels this year!


Physical Activity

In Bandonbridge N.S. we are constantly looking out for more ways to get everyone active. Here are some of the main initiatives we have run, or taken part in, over the last few years.

  • Run around Ireland and Daily Mile Challenge – an outdoor movement break every day at 10 o’clock or at 12 o’clock.

  • Active School Week every year, inviting many different coaches into the school to give exposure to a wide range of sports and activities. (Jiujitsu, rugby, gymnastics, dance, etc.)

  • Swimming lessons for every student from 1st to 6th each year.

  • Cycling lessons for every student from 1st - 6th each year.

  • Sciath na Scol

  • Cork City Sports

  • FAI 5-a-side football blitz

  • Scoot to School Week – and encouraging walking or cycling to school throughout the year as part of our Green Schools initiative.

  • Teachers versus  6th Class Football match

  • Annual Sports Day held in Bandon Grammar School rugby grounds

  • Dance workshops on Creative Week.

  • School walk to St. Peter’s Church at Easter.

Our aim as a school is to give students the skills and confidence to engage in activity both now as children, and throughout their lives. Our focus is on providing them with the Fundamental Movement Skills required to participate in sports and activities, so it is imperative that we form and maintain strong partnerships with community sports clubs and organisations. These clubs will provide both the context and opportunity for lifelong involvement in, and enjoyment of, physical activity. To this end we welcome involvement from clubs and organisations in Bandon and beyond, welcoming them to our school for training, and leaving our school to go to them for special events such as a blitz.
We also partner closely with the Bandonbridge N.S. Parents’ Association, who are eager to help us in fundraising for improvements to physical activity in school. An example of this in recent years was their purchase of table tennis tables for the school, which introduced table tennis to the school for the first time. They contributed €4000 towards the huge cost of swimming lessons and buses to events. 


Active School Week
Bandonbridge held its first Active School Week (ASW) in 2016, and it quickly became the highlight of
 the year for students. Children are asked to wear sports gear for the week, and only active homework is given. This year, our ASW is happening on the week of 6 th – 9 th June, and will culminate in our Sports Day on Bandon Grammar School Rugby pitch.
We invite clubs and organisations around Bandon to send representatives to introduce children to new sports and activities, hopefully encouraging them to increase their engagement in physical activity outside of school (Bandon GAA, Bandon Rugby, Brazilian Jujitsu, The Bike Wizard etc.).
We place a huge emphasis on having fun while being active, and that is why we run events such as the Teachers vs. 6th Class match, and the Mile Challenge.
Both parents and staff have witnessed first-hand the positive influence that ASW has had on children’s motivation to get active.


Physical Education
An extract from our PE Policy sums up our aims, vision and strategy with regards physical education in our school:
“Our aim in Bandonbridge N.S. is to give all pupils opportunities to experience a range of activities within physical education which will enable them to gain in confidence in relation to physical movement and adopt positive attitudes towards physical activities and health. These experiences should lead to a physically literate pupil, who has the movement competence, confidence, and
understanding to continue participation in physical activity throughout their lives.”
We aim to achieve our vision by:

  • Providing a physical education curriculum which is accessible to all pupils irrespective of their abilities

  • Teaching the Fundamental Movement Skills from Junior Infants through to Sixth class, and avoiding the temptation to solely teach games, sports and activities. Our emphasis will be on giving the children the basic skills, which will in turn give them the confidence to engage in the different games, sports and activities happening around them.

  • Providing a progressive programme of learning objectives covering all the strands of the curriculum

  • Providing the opportunity to participate in competitive activities and promoting good sporting behaviour and teamwork

  • Emphasising the importance of safety procedures and rules

  • Preparing activities that are enjoyable, stimulating and challenging for all pupils

  • Enabling pupils to enjoy success and be motivated to develop further individual potential in the areas of personal qualities, creativity and the development of movement skills

  • Promoting regular, enjoyable opportunities for physical activity throughout the school day

  • Promoting the holistic development of the child

  • Promoting the knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of movement and its contribution to their long-term benefits

Our strategy to teach PE is informed by the P.E. Curriculum and the Fundamental Movement Skills outlined in the PDST document ‘Move Well, Move Often’.
The Strands of the P.E. Curriculum are as follows:

  • Athletics

  • Aquatics

  • Dance

  • Gymnastics

  • Games

  • Outdoor and Adventure Activities


As a school we plan to cover every strand every year for every class in a balanced way. Fundamental Movement Skills are the basic building blocks of movement and are an essential part of everyday life and recreational activity. It is only when these skills are
mastered that a child can go on to develop specialised movement skills, which will allow them to reach their potential in different sports and other skill-specific activities. Without these skills, competence in the six strands above cannot be reached. In ‘Move Well, Move Often’, FMS are categorised under three bands: Locomotor Skills, Stability Skills, and Manipulative Skills.


Locomotor Skills: (Transporting the body in any direction from one point to another)

  • Walking

  • Running

  • Hopping

  • Skipping

  • Jumping for height

  • Jumping for distance

  • Dodging

  • Side stepping


Stability Skills: (Balancing the body in stillness and in motion)

  • Balancing

  • Landing


Manipulative Skills: (Control of objects using various body parts)

  • Catching

  • Throwing

  • Kicking

  • Striking with the hand

  • Striking with an implement

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